Extraordinary Adventure 63 Behold the mighty pith helmet: Handcrafted, genuine cork, dyed with tea to match your khakis. Yes, the pith helmet; sometimes called the “Home Service Helmet,” it is still worn by the British army on several ceremonial occasions; a truly magnificent accessory to any ensemble, a singularly bold, if not grandiose, fashion statement, […]

The Count of Monte Cristo

Extraordinary Adventure 64 Allow me if you will to take a plot, shine a laser at it and see if, like a cat, you can follow it: Once upon time there was a young man who was unjustly imprisoned. Then one day, an old man finds him and mentors him, all the while telling him […]


Myst is an amazing environment created entirely by computer, and without a hint of Keanu Reeves. And a groovy steampunk vibe to boot (a 100 years ago, that sentence would have been incomprehensible).