Arabian Heist


Exiled by his fellow Crusaders and left to rot at the bottom of a desert pit, Sir Champaign has the rest of his wretched Arabian nights to repent of the crime he didn’t commit—and also the ones he did. He has but one ingenious plan to reverse his fortune. All he needs now is a crew.

Ali Baba had fifty thieves. Champaign can do the job with nine—a rogues’ gallery handpicked from every corner of the Arabian underworld. He’d even put a genie on the team if they’d let him.

But nobody’s that crazy.

Then again, their target is the one treasure Ali Baba himself wouldn’t dare touch, guarded by a nightmare more terrifying than any dreamt in one thousand and one Arabian nights.

The Decalogue Dragon lives on the desert’s rooftop, in a lair scored by dragon claws, laced with poisonous dragon blood, and surrounded by an army of undead dragon victims.

Champaign has the blueprint to get them inside. But the exit strategy is no picnic.

Now every vulture in Arabia is circling, from silent assassins to greedy Knights Templar. He’ll have to be more clever than Aladdin, more cunning than Ali Baba, and more daring than Sinbad to pull off the heist of the century.

Only the dragon stands in his way. And it will take more than three wishes to steal the treasure, escape with his life, and clear his name.

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