Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Extraordinary Adventure 77 Near the end of The Maltese Falcon there is a famous line spoken by Humphrey Bogart. Throughout the movie everyone had been on the hunt for something called The Maltese Falcon (not to be confused with the somewhat more exciting Millenium Falcon), no the Maltese falcon was (disappointingly) just a sculpture of […]


A young man is kidnapped by order of his uncle, shipwrecked, and forced to fight a bagpipe duel to save his life. In the end, he comes out on top, and we’re left with a vague fear of uncles.

Horatio Hornblower

Extraordinary Adventure 79 In the grand tradition of almost all good adventure literature coming from Britain let me introduce to you a man by the name of Cecil Scott Forester. Called C.S. by his audience. His real name was Cecil Louis Troughton Smith. C.S. Forester was the author of several novels, but perhaps his most […]