The Special Team

Long ago — after baseball but before MMA — there were the halcyon days of professional football (known in other countries as “do what now?”) This grand game, which rarely involves a foot or anything traditionally shaped like a ball, is played between two separate but equal units. The flashy, money-grubbing Offense and the flashy, […]

On Greeting Cards

I have no problem celebrating Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Engagements, Weddings, and Births.  And with the sheer volume of cake we’re consuming at each party, we should probably throw Funerals into the mix as well.  But I really must insist that we do away with the tradition of greeting cards. It is very thoughtful of […]

The Lord of the Flies

Extraordinary Adventure 60 The desert island: Perhaps the quintessential adventure setting. Used to it’s most famous effect in Daniel Dafoe’s Robinson Crusoe, which we discussed earlier, but only slightly less well known is William Shakespeare’s Magnum Opus The Tempest, featuring the evil Caliban, The mysterious Prospero and many more of the bard’s most inscrutable names. […]