About the Lindsay Brothers

Shane Lindsay grew up in a small Indiana college town, where he dreamed of following in the footsteps of his childhood heroes. Upon discovering that “Jedi” was not a real job title, he quickly switched gears and became a writer.

He now lives in Orlando, FL, where he spends too much time obsessing over theme parks on parkeology.com. He is the creator of the WDW46 challenge, which became an international media sensation, as featured on CNN, Fox News, ABC, and the in-flight magazine for Norwegian Air.

Tristan Lindsay was born once upon a time in a faraway land called 1979. It was a short time after this that the Eighties happened. Tristan was incredibly influenced and deeply inspired by that turn of events.

Aside from that, he basically lives your everyday, normal kind of life, complete with books, pizza, and the occasional profound philosophical insight.

He recently married the love of his life and plans to live happily ever after.